How to Thread a Sewing Machine Step by Step

How to Thread a Sewing Machine Step by Step

How to Thread a Sewing Machinehow to install a sewing machine: step-by-step guide. Before you make your first stitch, you should set up your sewing machine.

although the initial setup of the sewing machine may seem overwhelming at first, don’t worry — after several sewing projects, it will become second nature to you.

How to Thread a Sewing Machine

How to Thread a Sewing Machine

how to install the sewing machine

threading into a sewing machine is a process in which you load the upper and lower threads into the machine. Machine Weave these two threads together to create a seam on your material.
Every sewing machine is slightly different when it comes to threading, but there are a few common steps that most machines use. When installing the sewing machine for the first time, read the instruction manual.
    1. 1.wind the coil . The spool is the bottom spool for winding the thread for your machine.If you don’t already have a spool wrapped with yarn (either from a previous project or from a store-bought pre-wound spool), you will need to wind your own spool from an existing yarn bundle.To do this, put a scroll of sewing thread on the pin of your machine (at the top of the machine). Pull the thread to the left of your machine and turn it counterclockwise around the pre-tensioned disc (attached to the guide thread).

      Then thread the thread through two small holes in the empty coil and wind the thread around the central stand of the coil several times.

      Install the spindle on the spindle winding pin of your machine (usually on the upper right side, next to the threaded pin). Now just press the foot pedal of your machine and the coil should start winding. Roll it up to the edges, then cut the thread to separate it from your larger roll.

    1. 2. load your wound coils . Once you wind the spool, it will fall into a small compartment under your needle (called the spool box) to feed the bottom thread while sewing your machine.To load the coil, lift the needle and presser foot to the highest position (for this, a flywheel or button will be used in your machine) and remove the coil cover.Place the coil in a round socket; an arrow will appear on your machine indicating in which direction the coil should be placed in order to properly unwind the coil.

      Then pull the end of the bobbin thread through the tension spring of your machine and install the coil cover in place.

    1. 3. put the roll . In order to install the top thread for your machine, first place the coil thread on the threaded pin of your machine (also called a bobbin pin or coil holder).
    1. 4. thread the thread through the guide . Pull the thread to the left of your machine and thread it through the thread guide.
    1. 5. pull the thread through the U-shaped guide . Pull the thread from the guide thread down into the deep groove on the front of the machine, then return the thread to the second deep groove slightly to the left.
    1. 6. wrap the thread around the thread selection lever . In the upper part of the slots of both machines there is a metal hook called a receiving lever. Wrap the thread around the receiving lever.
    1. 7. insert the needle . Pull the thread down towards the sewing machine needle and insert the needle eye from front to back.Continue pulling on the end of the thread until several inches of thread pass through the needle. (On some machines, an automatic needle threader is used instead-for additional instructions, see In the manual for your sewing machine.)
    2. 8. stream capture . Once your top thread and spool are in place, you should connect the two threads to be ready for sewing.Using the handle or the knob of your needle position, lower the needle all the way down and raise it again — when you do this, the needle will hook the catula thread and pull it back into the loop.

      Insert a flat object, such as a ruler, under the needle to grab both threads and position them away from where you are going to sew.

FAQ How to Thread a Sewing Machine

Why is it so difficult to extend a thread into a sewing machine? Threading the needle of a sewing machine can be difficult, often because the needle eye is small, and sometimes because the cotton thread is too thick and you can’t insert it into the eye. Maybe you just need a brighter light in the room or even a threader to guide you.

Is there any clever way to push the thread into the needle of the sewing machine? It is best to install the machine so that the needle is in the upper position. On a computerized machine press the “needle up” button. On a manual machine, use the flywheel to the right of the machine or gently press the foot pedal to move the needle to the upper position.

Is the flat side of the needle pointing forward or backward? The anatomy of a sewing machine needle The shank is the part that is on your sewing machine; the flat side is usually directed backwards, and the rounded side is forward. Some special needles may have a fully rounded shank. The rod is the part of the needle that tapers down from the shank.

Do you sew or to you? 4.Never turn the flywheel away from you. When manually lifting and lowering the needle, turn the flywheel only towards yourself (towards the front of the machine). After turning the wheel to lift the needle, you have to keep turning in your direction to complete the cycle and lower the needle back down.